Re: Self-organization

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 28 2007 - 14:29:03 PST

me again... i just found the catalogue for 30 takes...
and it has a better description than the one i just
gave... oh... and the documentary contains interviews
with helen hill as well as one of her films...
"bohemian town" which she made for the documentary in

quote from the catalogue:

"30takes is a documentary celebrating the 30th
anniversary of canada's oldest engish speaking film
cooperative. bringing togeter the work of 12
filmmakers who have been dedicated to the cooperative
experience, this film explores how the dream of a few
film students in the early 1970's was realized and
has helped to build a strong and vibrant film
community in Atlantic Canada. Featuring the work of
filmmakers such as William MacGillivray, Andrea
Dorfman, and Thom Fitzgerald, this documentary looks
at how a collective vision evolved, at times becoming
divisive and even volatile. [...] 30 Takes also
demonstrates the wide range of work that has been
created at AFCOOP, from the animations of Helen Hill
and the experimental films of James McSwain to the
documentaries of Sylvia Hamilton and the dramatic
works of Shandi Mitchell.."

(sorry for the shameless plugging... i'm a little
homesick right now... afcoop is where i learned to
make films... and even though i live on the other side
of the continent now... i hope to return to halifax
soon, and to become and active part of that collective
once again... there was a very strong sense of
community... and support... and cooperation.... and
thanks to helen hill's efforts from 1996-2001, a
renewed interest in experimental and animated work....
there was no film school in the maritime provinces...
and had it not been for afcoop... i probably never
would have even seen an experimental film, let alone
learned how to make one.)... ~sigh~... i'm homesick.

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