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Date: Sat Jan 27 2007 - 11:01:36 PST

Local culture re: Brooklyn, tomorrow night sun Jan 28:

A sudden confluence of new Gowanus-related art at Proteus Gowanus
has inspired the next screening
from the Donnell Media Center at the New York Public Library:
On the Waterfront
Sunday, January 28, 7:00 p.m.,
(1954) Director: Elia Kazan, screenplay: Budd 
Schulberg, starring Marlon Brando and Eva Marie 
Saint, score: Leonard Bernstein. Shot on location 
in New York, this film was based on a series of 
Pulitzer Prize-winning articles by Malcolm 
Johnson on the work of a Jesuit priest. Marlon 
Brando stars as the punch-drunk ex-fighter who 
champions the cause of New York longshoremen 
against a corrupt union boss. 108 minutes. B&W. 
16mm print.
The screening series, part of the yearlong 
interdisciplinary Library exhibit and programs at 
PG, explores the rich resources of the Donnell 
Media Center of the New York Public Library, 
programmed by filmmaker Jeanne Liotta.
And view the following new additions to our 
ongoing  library of Gowanus-related art, 
artifacts and books:
*Kevin T. Allen, 'Phonoscope Gowanus'. Recent 
stereoscopic images and binaural sound recordings 
of the sights and sounds under the Union Street 
Bridge invite us to look down and listen to what 
unfolds beneath our streets and bridges. 
*Jeanne Liotta, 'The Rock Eater', Digital print. 
30 x 80 A  panorama of the Rock Eater, an 
artifact of industrial Brooklyn familiar for its 
ear splitting sounds. The enormous rock-crushing 
machine, which sat on the edge of the Gowanus 
until recently, has been taken out of service.
We mourn its passing.
*Meg Belichek, A series of historic photographs 
of the Gowanus Canal, culled from Belichek’s 
limited edition book 'Miss Gowanus, and 
reproduced as large postcards ($20 for 5 cards).
Also available:
Leah Beeferman’s open and limited edition hand-drawn 'Map of the Gowanus',
The Brooklyn Historical Society’s booklet about 
the Redhook/Gowanus neighborhood,
Joseph Mitchell’'s essay on the Mohawks of the North Gowanus,
and other assorted books and ephemera.
And see the new Cabinet Magazine mini-exhibit in 
its 1900 safe: Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Spin 
Shadow Heads, 2006. Paper sculpture from Cabinet 
Magazine Issue # 24, "Shadows".
Proteus Gowanus
543 Union Street @ Nevins Street Gate
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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