Re: You Tube / film vs video vs expanded cinema / decade & onwards

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 19:20:05 PST

> On 25 Jan 2007, at 14:01, 40 Frames wrote:
>> Access to films has always been a concern for those interested in
>> alternatives to mainstream film practice, however I'd hate to think
>> that
>> the internet is somehow an adequate means of see work originating
>> on film.
>> I certainly enjoy the work posted on the NFB site as with the sites of
>> various other archives now posting contents from their collection
>> on the
>> web, but I don't like to think of this being the only means to see
>> work. I
>> think of it as getting a glimpse, but nothing more. Not the best
>> use of
>> funds for access, given other options.
> No, it's not the only means, as I said, I curate and hopefully will
> for some time to come, but in my capacity as a lecturer I have spoken
> to students who watch work online. The internet is not really the
> best medium, but it is increasingly the medium by which people
> discover and experience things. If you look at CD sales most are to
> people over 30, most people below 30 simply download their music (and
> yes it's often a poorer quality), so it appears to be the medium of
> the future for many many people.
> Jack

We preserve the film legacy as best we can, and present it when we can
manage. As you mentioned, location has a huge influence on this choice,
and for those in a rural area the internet may be the only means they

The fact that people choose the internet most often has to do with a lack
of other choices. Though sometimes its just a matter of convenience (or
laziness), since people find it hard to make it out of the house sometimes
(myself included).


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