Re: You Tube / film vs video vs expanded cinema / decade & onwards

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 19:08:23 PST

On 25 Jan 2007, at 14:01, 40 Frames wrote:

>> Aside from the obvious differences in the making of film vs video the
>> truth is many people are now watching work (created on various
>> formats) on DVD / video. And, I think increasingly online, thanks to
>> sites such as ubuweb and so on which feature numerous experimental
>> works. (BTW: I own a copy of Conrad's FLICKER as an enhanced CD
>> computer file extra that came with a CD box set of his work released
>> by Table of the Elements). As to how 'we' discuss film or video, 'we'
>> tend to focus on the process of creation, but to audiences what
>> matters is the ease by which they can see them, and, increasingly, at
>> home on the computer monitor would appear to be the answer (as a
>> curator I am not necessarily happy about this, but it does seem to be
>> what is happening).
> Access to films has always been a concern for those interested in
> alternatives to mainstream film practice, however I'd hate to think
> that
> the internet is somehow an adequate means of see work originating
> on film.
> I certainly enjoy the work posted on the NFB site as with the sites of
> various other archives now posting contents from their collection
> on the
> web, but I don't like to think of this being the only means to see
> work. I
> think of it as getting a glimpse, but nothing more. Not the best
> use of
> funds for access, given other options.

No, it's not the only means, as I said, I curate and hopefully will
for some time to come, but in my capacity as a lecturer I have spoken
to students who watch work online. The internet is not really the
best medium, but it is increasingly the medium by which people
discover and experience things. If you look at CD sales most are to
people over 30, most people below 30 simply download their music (and
yes it's often a poorer quality), so it appears to be the medium of
the future for many many people.


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