Re: Christmas On Earth script

From: FSC3 (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 09:19:00 PST

> Chance played a large roll in Rubin's aesthetic sensibilities and
>thus I think one can play any damn thing one wants to along with the

When we projected the film two years ago, that is essentially what MM
suggested to us (we wee maybe over-concerned about recreating the
original experience of viewing the film, which by Rubin's design is
impossible). Along with deciding which film to place small inside of
the other (the instructions are rather confusing), and the use of the
colored gels, the point is to create a one time only performative
experience that is open to chance. Which leads me no suggest not to
use the recorded tapes included as that is a set quantity. The two
times we projected Christmas on Earth were markedly different due to
the random songs and ads from the radio; the first time was humorous
and the second more serious.

Have fun,

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