Re: Frameworks Decade and Beyond

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2007 - 13:16:58 PST

> I ask that people write about video and film and not be bound by
> these restrictions. If the restrictions inhibit the
> discussion to an extent where it becomes a dead sea of grainy
> memories - how does that serve experimental avant garde filmmakers
> who also
> capture images on video? Not very well, I'm afraid.
> owen

"...a dead sea of grainy memories...."?

Ah, gotta love Frameworks.


>> I would ask that people keep discussions about video in check in the
>> spirit of why this forum was created. Frameworks remains, both in
>> terms of
>> the archived discussions and some of the more recent threads, a forum
>> dedicated to the art of "film" in its various formats. This
>> distinction is
>> an important one, regardless of technological developments. And while
>> there are many forums related to purely technical aspects of video
>> as well
>> as video art, there are very few about film which are as broad in
>> scope
>> and as passionate (and all that comes with this) as Frameworks.
>> Where else can you find out about new preservation efforts,
>> thoughts on
>> recent and past European art films, technical questions (and answers),
>> ideas on how to exhibit and distribute challenging films, discussions
>> about how Canyon and other coops have operated or should consider
>> operating, notes/reviews of new exp films, calls for new work,
>> announcements of symposiums and meetings, etc, etc ?

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