Re: HH - response

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 22 2007 - 21:48:15 PST

i think you missed my point, i was not against grief, but against
collonizing it, reading too much into it and so on.

what i said also was that we should learn from her LIFE rather than take
abstract and misguided political or social meaning from her death.

i love your latent anger... too bad you didn't bother to actually read
anything i posted carefully (or the responses to it asking Helen's name
not be used).


> What I have been trying to understand since I read the first post is -
> Why is Mr Sargent's so upset if someone decides to grieve for the
> death of Ms. Hill?
> Feelings are a personal matter. I felt terrible the day Sam Fuller
> died. And the day Kubrick died. Did I ever met them? No. It was all
> about my feelings for what they represented for me.
> Is that allright for Mr Sargent?
> Maybe not. Do I care? Take a wild guess...
> PS
> I cant understand comparing Helen Hill's death to Ms Spencer's either.
> Mysteries.
> Oh well.
> PS
> If another artist I admire dies Will I have to get Sargents permission
> to grieve and feel upset?
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