Re: Feminism for Men

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 18 2007 - 20:54:29 PST

teaching it is as a stimulus to debate is obviously good.... but its
the UNCRITICAL part that i am 'unhappy' with....(as i said in the
quote below) i am, i have to confess, surprised that people here
accept mulvey's use of psychoanalysis so readily.
as i said i feel that she is too beholden to psychoanlaysis as an
authentic truth and that has serious ramifications regarding
sexuality and so on.

i also think she prioritises gaze as an experience of cinema above
the aural.


On 19 Jan 2007, at 14:46, nicole koschmann wrote:

> Jack wrote: >of course at a risk of being troublesome - i am still
> smarting from
>> the banality of chuck's abuse - but perhaps it still resonates
>> because it's still taught almost uncritically by old academics? i
>> mean, it was written when i was 4! and it's still taught!
>> personally i think kaji silverman's male subjectivity at the
>> margins is more of a fun read (although again i disagree with its
>> analysis in places...)...
> I still teach Mulvey, not because I agree with everything she says
> but because her ideas trigger real thought and questioning in my
> students. Yesterday I screened in my class Color of Love by Peggy
> Ahwesh, Removed by Naomi Uman and Spiders In Love by Martha Colburn
> and my students went wild. One student said "its like these women
> filmmakers are angry that women characters in film have been
> objectified!" Well...yes...It may seem obvious to us but to the
> eighteen and nineteen year olds of today feminism is a foreign
> concept. That is a good sign that things are better but I think it
> is important for these students to question their own assumptions
> about sexuality, representations of gender and the female and male
> characters they create for their own films. I think if Mulvey is
> taught in an environment where questioning is encouraged then her
> writings are still valuable texts in the "canon" of film and media
> theory.
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