Re: Feminism for Men

From: nicole koschmann (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 18 2007 - 19:46:16 PST

Jack wrote: >of course at a risk of being troublesome - i am still smarting
>the banality of chuck's abuse - but perhaps it still resonates because
>it's still taught almost uncritically by old academics? i mean, it was
>written when i was 4! and it's still taught! personally i think kaji
>silverman's male subjectivity at the margins is more of a fun read
>(although again i disagree with its analysis in places...)...

I still teach Mulvey, not because I agree with everything she says but
because her ideas trigger real thought and questioning in my students.
Yesterday I screened in my class Color of Love by Peggy Ahwesh, Removed by
Naomi Uman and Spiders In Love by Martha Colburn and my students went wild.
One student said "its like these women filmmakers are angry that women
characters in film have been objectified!" Well...yes...It may seem obvious
to us but to the eighteen and nineteen year olds of today feminism is a
foreign concept. That is a good sign that things are better but I think it
is important for these students to question their own assumptions about
sexuality, representations of gender and the female and male characters they
create for their own films. I think if Mulvey is taught in an environment
where questioning is encouraged then her writings are still valuable texts
in the "canon" of film and media theory.

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