Re: Tragedy struck today in New Orleans.

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 14 2007 - 09:45:34 PST

--- owen <email suppressed> wrote:

> Anger yes. Hate no. Terrible that Helen Hill was
> senslesly murdered
> and her family and community devastated. Terrible
> that the government
> is incompetent and insensitive.
> Our government represents us. And I think we are
> accurately
> represented. If you hate the government , you hate
> the people too. Hate.

There is a difference between a representation of
something and an actual thing as we should all be very
aware as experimental filmmakers.

I do not in any way believe that the average united
states citizen cares nothing for other people.

I do not believe that the united states government
acurately represents the people of New Orleans in the
action they took by ignoring them.

I could go on but basically I don't believe that the
US government accurately represents all american
people even if it were felt that it represented a
majority but like most governments it appears to
represent a political elite at the top of its society.

The united states government is different to it's
people no matter how desperately it might like to
declare otherwise.

> Ironic, declarations of hate regarding people and
> governments made in
> Helen Hill's honor.

The comment I made was not in Helen Hills honour. It
could in no way be so as I have not met or been in
contact with her. It reffered to my own personal
feelings to do with the way that the united states
government has acted in regard to the disaster in New

People are going to have strong emotions in the
matter. Both good and bad.

...and yes I would rather not feel the way I do it
isn't good, but I will deal with it and carry on doing
positive things.



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