Re: questions on Vision 500T

From: Rory Brosius (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 09 2007 - 07:56:04 PST


Hey there!

So here are some specs. on the stocks you talked about.

First of all, the three stocks you are considering using are all tungsten
based stocks, so make sure you have an 85b filter otherwise you will be
looking at a very blue image when you are finished. I'm sorry if you
already know this stuff, I just wanted to make sure you have all the info.

So here goes...

64T will have an EI of 40 when used in daylight with an 85b
It has a fine grain structure and will produce a sharp image.
This will work well if it is very bright outside, but if it is cloudy you
may want to try a faster stock.

Vision 2 500T is a newer stock that is geared more towards a digital finish
(aka - you plan on transfering to video or tape for editing)
it has an EI of 320 in daylight (again w/ an 85b filter)
It is a fine grain stock with a sharp image, and a latitude of about 8
Daytime however will tend to be, well...bright, this is a fast stock so you
may find yourself shooting at much lower apatures then you like to, but if
you are looking for alot of depth of field then it may be worth a shot.

Vision 2 200T is a mid range medium speed stock
It comes in at 125 daylight (85b)
It is a decent grain and brings skin tone and shadows into a more neutral
light so to speak.
It also has an 8 stop latitude and is a better choice that the 500T if you
plan on doing more digital composing, and you won't have to close down your
apature so much because of the speed.

This is all kodak so you will tend to pick up more reds, oranges, browns,
You can find more info on the kodak website as well.
Again I am sorry if you know all this and I'm just repeating the obvious to
I am also unsure of the specifics on your camera and if you have a filter or
not or if there is one built in, there probably is a setting for daylight
right on the side, but who knows?

Hope this is a help and your shooting goes great!


Rory Brosius
Northern New York, USA

>From: leandro listorti <email suppressed>
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>Subject: questions on Vision 500T
>Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 20:12:54 -0300
>Hi all,
>Leandro from Argentina.
>I have a Super 8 Canon 814 auto zoom, and I am thinking about shooting with
>the ektacrome 64T or maybe Vision 2 200T/500T.
>What do you think would be the best option?
>Most of the footage will be outdoors (day) and it will be blown up to 35
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From photos to predictions, The MSN Entertainment Guide to Golden Globes has
it all.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.