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From: leighton Pierce (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 09 2007 - 06:02:52 PST

For those of you near, or in, or traveling to Iowa, please check out
my latest installation .

--Leighton PIerce

Leighton Pierce's new 6 channel video installation, Convection,
commissioned by Cornell College in Mt. Vernon Iowa opens Sunday
January 14th at 2PM.
Reception from 2-4 January 14th with Gallery talk at 3PM.

Luce Gallery
McWethy Hall, Cornell College
Mt. Vernon, Iowa
Gallery Hours: 9AM-4PM Monday-Friday, 2PM-4PM Sunday

Convection is Leighton Pierce's latest installation in his
'precipitated narrative' series.
This piece consists of 6 separate video streams projected onto five
3-dimensional objects arranged like a large jewel in the center of
the gallery. Since viewers can walk around all sides of the
clustered projections, no more than 4 video streams are visible from
any one vantage point at any one time. At times, certain clusters of
images meld into one large image; at other times, each stream is
separate. The visual relationships among the separate images are
always shifting as the viewer moves around the projections. Four
channels of sound expand and refocus the imagery.

Through the use of rich cascading imagery against the counterpoint of
the soundtrack, and through the use of multiple projections, Pierce
disintegrates the projection plane, allowing viewers to embody the
perceptions of the video solidly within themselves. His work
encourages a different kind of viewing and listening-one in which
listening and looking inward matters as much as looking outward.
Pierce works to engage the fringes of the viewer's narrativizing
attention by creating a painterly temporal experience that is
emotionally evocative without ever engaging in storytelling or
defaulting to pure abstraction. It is the fragility of the viewer's
own emotional associations as they interact with the flow of images
and sounds that is his raw material.

Pierce has eliminated "the shot" as a discrete entity. He creates
continuous interwoven streams of cascading images rather than a
sequence of edited shots. It is no longer possible to see the seams
that tie individual images together. It is impossible to find the
moment when a shot begins or ends-the viewing experience is one of
finding oneself in a moment without knowing how one got there or
being able to anticipate where one will go next. The virtuosity
resides in Pierce's sense of rhythm, duration, and repetition as a
gateway to the viewers' own curiosity and emotional

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