Re: Free Brakhage & Mike Dunford Screening this Sunday

From: ADAM ABRAMS (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 11:20:42 PST


I was wondering where you're renting the Dunford from. Been trying to find it here in the US for a bit. I know the Co-Op has "In The Dark", but Serra says they don't have Logical Props even though it's on their website.

thanks in advance,
adam abrams
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> Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 07:19:57 -0800
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> Subject: Free Brakhage & Mike Dunford Screening this Sunday
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> Free Film Screening.
> Sunday December 17th @ 4.30 PM.
> Mike Dunford’s “Logical Propositions” & Stan
> Brakhage’s “The Process.”
> McMaster Building 214
> (corner of Senate and Pickens)
> Columbia, SC, U.S.
> Stan Brakhage: The Process
> LIGHT was primary in my consideration. All senses of
> 'process' are (to me) based primarily on 'thought
> process'; and 'thought-process' is based primarily on
> 'memory re-call'; and that, as any memory process (all
> process finally) is electrical (firing of nerve
> connection) and expresses itself most clearly as a
> 'back-firing' of nerve endings in the eye which DO
> become visible to us (usually eyes closed) as 'brain
> movies'--as Michael McClure calls them. When we are
> not reconstructing 'a scene' (re-calling something
> once seen), then we are watching (on the 'screen' of
> closed eye-lids) the very PROCESS itself...
> Mike Dunford: Logical Propositions
> A series of five films, in one program, examining
> individually one element or simple combination of
> elements of film practice. Each attempts to elucidate
> in as elegant way as possible, the effects, and the
> ramifications, of that elements within cinema, by a
> process of logical exposure.
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