Free Brakhage & Mike Dunford Screening this Sunday

From: J. Mabe (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 07:19:57 PST

Free Film Screening.

Sunday December 17th @ 4.30 PM.

Mike Dunford’s “Logical Propositions” & Stan
Brakhage’s “The Process.”

McMaster Building 214
(corner of Senate and Pickens)
Columbia, SC, U.S.

Stan Brakhage: The Process
LIGHT was primary in my consideration. All senses of
'process' are (to me) based primarily on 'thought
process'; and 'thought-process' is based primarily on
'memory re-call'; and that, as any memory process (all
process finally) is electrical (firing of nerve
connection) and expresses itself most clearly as a
'back-firing' of nerve endings in the eye which DO
become visible to us (usually eyes closed) as 'brain
movies'--as Michael McClure calls them. When we are
not reconstructing 'a scene' (re-calling something
once seen), then we are watching (on the 'screen' of
closed eye-lids) the very PROCESS itself...
Mike Dunford: Logical Propositions
A series of five films, in one program, examining
individually one element or simple combination of
elements of film practice. Each attempts to elucidate
in as elegant way as possible, the effects, and the
ramifications, of that elements within cinema, by a
process of logical exposure.

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