Re: The Way Things Go?

From: Francisco Torres (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Dec 09 2006 - 13:25:13 PST

"C'mon, everyone borrows, steals, quotes, regurgitates, pays homage
to, etc., not just corporate thugs. It was probably some art school
type who pitched this concept to Honda in the first place.'
You must mean some art school HACK... who went into advertisment.
Remember-"Those who can do... All others join an ad agency"

> The real shocker for me in the statement that came with the clip was "The
> film cost six million dollars." Ha! I can tell you have ever wortked with them Ad people have you?
They charge by the minute for everything!
Honda clears a profit of about a thousand dollars for every car they
sell in the US... So six thousand cars to pay for that stupid ad.
Glad they are wasting their money.
"What could you do with six million?"
A bionic astronaut for sure.

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