Re: FW: Call for a cultural boycott of Israel

From: Francisco Torres (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Dec 09 2006 - 13:14:58 PST

On 12/8/06, Bill Wharton <email suppressed> wrote:
" Many of us would simply like to stifle the cultural production,
> i.e. speech, of those we may disagree with."

But the producer is free to keep on producing the work- It is the
consumer who decides what to consume or not! If you boycott something
you are not restraining anyones actions but your own. Thats the beauty
of it.

"Good Luck Artists!
-from someone who is not an anti-semite"
Unlike all of those who'll join in such a boycott, right?
Ive been boycotting Israelli and Turkish films for years now. What
does THAT makes me? An antisemite antiturk bigot? I also boycott films
from Egypt (Visual poison ivy) AND Chile (Ouch!!!).
So if you boycott Hollywood fare you are anti American?


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