Fwd: Iran doc screenings

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Date: Wed Dec 06 2006 - 06:46:23 PST


Tehrani (2006)
Dir. Daniel Frampton
UK Documentary, 40mins
16:9 PAL Colour Video

Two free public screenings:

Saturday 16 December 23006
Roxy Bar and Screen
128-132 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB
020 7407 4057

Wednesday 20 December 2006
49 Columbia Road
London E2 7RG
020 7033 9986

Our understanding of contemporary Iran is subtlely marred by the
rhetoric of the "axis of evil" and the debate over nuclear weapons.
Tehrani is simply an attempt to rebalance that rhetoric by giving a
voice to someone living in the heart of this country. Ali Mashad, a
young middle-class Iranian living in north-west Tehran, reveals Iran
to be a country of contradictions: run under Islamic law, it also
has major social problems, but he and his friends are wary of the
usual media representations of his country. "We are trying to find a
way for living, just for living. This is our life, and this our
government, and we want to try to live with it, to make a deal with
it -- to find our ways in it.'

Tehrani is an art-documentary, a visual interpretation of the life
and opinions of Ali Mashad. Designed as a three-screen installation
work, Tehrani is showing here in its documentary form.


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