Re: Call for a cultural boycott of Israel

From: ben d (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Dec 06 2006 - 02:00:26 PST

Hello all,

I must say i'm sorry for sparking such a divisive issue. I was tired and
missed that I was forwarding to the list and not to an individual (no
excuse, I know). Although i have a specific political stance in regards to
Palestine and Israel (which i don't need to detail here) i do think this
kind of dialogue can be productive, as long as it doesnít turn into a series
of inflammatory emails.

The issues surrounding the Zionist / Palestinian conflict are complex
(similar to those we face here with the BC treaty process and unceeded
territories) and should not be taken lightly. My personal position, which
opposes the occupation and land seizures within Palestinian territory should
not reflect on the validity of any other artist's work. To reach a just
peace in Palestine/Israel i think there must be dialogue, but one which
clearly recognises the imbalance of power at play. Everyone takes a personal
stance on issues such as this and I donít seek to argue the finer points of
the discussion. I hope that we can agree to disagree on politics and agree
on mutual support and information sharing regarding film practices.

In support of all filmmakers experimenting with the medium, regardless of
political differences.

For justice across this world.

Against imperialism and colonisation everywhere.


>From: Freya <email suppressed>
>Reply-To: Experimental Film Discussion List <email suppressed>
>To: email suppressed
>Subject: Re: Call for a cultural boycott of Israel
>Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 14:00:54 -0800
> > canine species. Under no circumstances would I have
> > imagined such foreign language quote being read as a
> > direct, first-degree injunction. In that, indeed, I
> > must have misestimated the reading habits of some of
> > the readers.
> It might not be a reading habit but differences in
>interpretation of text in different cultures. As there
>wasn't any direct context for the slogan we probably
>fall back to cultural experience of how the slogan
>might be related to the words. We frame it in the
>experiences we have had previously.
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