Re: Call for more films about Palestine & Israel

From: peter snowdon (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 15:13:17 PST


of course. but there are no rules for responsibilities, just as there
are no rules in art.
some people will spend their lives filming their family at the end of
their garden, others will travel half way round the world to chance on
one image of a total stranger they will never meet again.
some will live 24 hours a day in their art -- or their neighbourhood
co-op, or their local CSA group -- barely lifting their eyes from the
page of their place, while others will be running guns, real or
metaphorical, to rebels whose languages and dreams they will never fully
and some people will feel compelled to try and do both.
our most entire actions stem from our best sense of where we can make a
connection between the disparate and partly random threads of our own
life, and thus connect with others most honestly.
there are no duties, other than that, and a certain striving for

in any case, to borrow a phrase from brakhage, i hope that whatever
petitions we sign, whatever strikes we lead, whatever governments we
overthrow, we're all also working on 'the five-hundred-year plan'.

in solidarity (- wherever that may be:)

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006 16:01:09 -0500, "Philip Hood" <email suppressed> said:
> On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, peter snowdon wrote:
> > as for boycott in general being a reactionary, purely emotional gesture,
> > you seem to forget that there is a history of the elaboration of boycott
> > as a conscious, rational and effective political strategy in the hands
> > of 'progressive' causes.
> peter,
> I appreciate the fact that you've
> fleshed out your opinions and given history
> and etc, and to be honest, verily, I'm not
> disagreeing w/ your sentiment or your tactics
> w/in their place in history,
> and nor unsupportive of what you suggest,
> its just that want I to express that, if you
> are a fellow american citizen, that your first
> responsibility is (maybe sadly - but truly)
> working w/in the political context here
> in the US, right at home, right within your
> back-yard, within your own home and your
> family first. Apply pressure to your
> politicians, where you shop, where you
> invest - always take it back to yourself,
> your wife, your children, your coworkers,
> your boss - before you stick it to anybody
> else ... then, when your nose it totally clean,
> then go talking about someone else's nose -
> this is all I'm saying ... and I say this
> about _everything_ not merely this issue
> in particular ...
> -ml
> pth
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