Re: Call for more films about Palestine & Israel

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 13:01:09 PST

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, peter snowdon wrote:

> as for boycott in general being a reactionary, purely emotional gesture,
> you seem to forget that there is a history of the elaboration of boycott
> as a conscious, rational and effective political strategy in the hands
> of 'progressive' causes.

         I appreciate the fact that you've
         fleshed out your opinions and given history
         and etc, and to be honest, verily, I'm not
         disagreeing w/ your sentiment or your tactics
         w/in their place in history,
         and nor unsupportive of what you suggest,
         its just that want I to express that, if you
         are a fellow american citizen, that your first
         responsibility is (maybe sadly - but truly)
         working w/in the political context here
         in the US, right at home, right within your
         back-yard, within your own home and your
         family first. Apply pressure to your
         politicians, where you shop, where you
         invest - always take it back to yourself,
         your wife, your children, your coworkers,
         your boss - before you stick it to anybody
         else ... then, when your nose it totally clean,
         then go talking about someone else's nose -
         this is all I'm saying ... and I say this
         about _everything_ not merely this issue
         in particular ...

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