Re: An illegal program series

From: Francisco Torres (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Oct 21 2006 - 20:28:46 PDT

"In a city where the softest of public
gestures (wheat pasting posters etc.) are framed as "radical interventions"
into public space when a block away 100s of people are being evicted from
SROs (single room occupancy hotels) to make way for development it feels
necessary to push the envelope into a combatitive realm".
Not just your city, all over the world we are seeing this process
taking place every day.
Been trying to find ways around it. An idea would be a venue-less film
festival. Dub copies of a program into cheap dvd/ vhs tapes and leave
them in buses/subways scatter them through the city and let it
scatter... Broadcast without transmission...
All is permitted.

The Burroughs quote is priceless, glad you saw my point.

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