Re: + DVD trade??

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 19 2006 - 17:32:17 PDT

> as someone who's had my fingers in cd trading/mail
> art realms for a while
> i've seen plently of well intentioned community
> minded people really suck at
> putting envelopes together and sticking stuff in the
> mail...aka they want to
> be into it, but they don't end up ever getting to
> the post office, aka it's
> not a priority for them...they do awsome stuff in
> other realms, but trading
> stuff via mail is not their thing which is fine
> which is what i was getting
> at earlier. it's just a process of people learning
> about their
> priorities...and i didn't mean to make a judgement
> about priorities.

I think this is spot on mostly, and for some people it
may just take them a looooong time to get about to
sorting things out.

For me this is actually true of things like sending
stuff to festivals and the like too. Life and the
scarcity of post offices, tend to get in the way.
> i think the other assumption that maybe i was making
> was that perhaps there
> were people who started getting stuff that they
> thought was not really so
> great and thought that their dvd was worth more than
> what they'd been
> getting and didn't want in any longer...perhaps this
> is a cruddy assumption
> and exposes the more assholeish parts of my psyche

I actually doubt this is the case.
> ok enough of this weirdness... at the end of the day
> trading stuff in the
> mail is about fun! and everthing that i've gotten in
> the mail has been
> awsome and made my day and if more stuff comes
> that's amazing, and if not
> that's fine too. Props to the senders.

EVERYTHING you got in the mail???!!! ;) Most of the
mail I get isn't even addressed to me! ;)

I think that is a great outlook to have however!

Right, I must go lie down now.



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