Re: + DVD trade??

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 19 2006 - 17:15:54 PDT

As someone who hasn't sent out any DVD's yet, I can
describe some of the things that actually go wrong, as
I expect I have experienced most of them.

It's not generally to do with the cost of postage and
blank DVD's I suspect although I would point out that
the cost of posting a DVD depends on where you are
sending it to! ;)

Here is the top problem for me. So far I received 3
discs. Two of them contained a disc with no return
address or note of any kind inside. A return address
was written in tiny writing on the outside, but by the
time they made it across the ocean this was no longer
legible at all. It rains in England and this effects
the legibility of text too depending on the ink used.
You can protect this text with sellotape, or better
still put a note inside with a return address. I might
be able to work out who sent me this stuff and what
their address is from the original pdf I expect.
Assuming I can dig it out again, or I could give a
shout out on the list which is what I was intending to
do, however I do notice that this for some reason
makes it slip to the back of my mind like "I must sort
that out sometime..."

This was no excuse for the package I received from
Klaus Eiseniohr, which had the address on both the
package and on a note inside. I think there were even
contact details on the disc itself. I've had this a
good few weeks however and not managed to send
anything out yet.

Which brings me to the other big issue. Just because
it was a handy moment for you to mail the disc to
someone, doesn't mean it is a handy moment for them to
receive it! Things go wrong in peoples lives and they
have stuff to deal with. In my case I have ended up
being involved in a film event that seemed to veer
from crisis to crisis and have been running around
trying to fix those things. This was not something I
had intended to get involved in but sadly got sucked
into because I was worried about letting people down.

So unexpected stuff happens all the time and you might
have to be patient.

Lastly, the work might not be ready to go. I
constantly have work that I think I'm going to finish
real soon now, but then don't, probably mostly cause
other stuff happens in my life.

Oh and another thing that delays getting a reply, it's
good if your disc can be played by hitting play on the
front panel of the dvd player, otherwise people may
set it aside till they can find the remote! ;)

Thats just general stuff that might be happening for
anyone, but in defence of my own situation, especially
to Klaus, I should add that I didn't want to be on the
trading section of the list to start with because I
have so little work that I can send to people. However
 there was a mistake and I ended up there. No problem
I thought, as I'm about to finish my album of music,
so I could at least send some music in return. Sadly I
then suffered a hard disk failure and lost key samples
I needed to finish the album. Should have seen it
coming, I always get close to finishing an album and
something happens.

I've just recently created some new work, so I have
something I could send people, sadly (???) this has
been somewhat offset by my getting very upset and hurt
recently and deciding I wasn't going to continue with
film and video and ended up destroying some earlier
work. Not neccesarily a bad thing, I'm kind of glad
that I did it even now, (tho I'm glad that some people
contacted me and stopped me in the act before I got
really carried away!) and I finally have some more
disc space to work in too! However it does mean I have
less to send out again.

I'm thinking I might send Klaus a disc tommorow of
what I have, as I have to sort out a disc for Matt
Hulse that I have been wanting to post out for a few
weeks now too, and am hoping that will happen
tommorow. If you are still waiting for me to return a
disc and you are not Klaus then please do contact me
with your address and stuff and I'll try and sort
something out soon. Possibly tommorow if you reply
fast enough! ;)

I'm a bit nervous about sending the stuff out that is
ready to go because some of it was thrown together in
a matter of a few days for a specific film and video
event and I'm not as happy as I would like to be about
the work but maybe it will still be fun for people to
watch. I think it will be a while before I finish
anything more anyway.

Hope this email is okay. I'm aware that I'm writing it
and I'm probably not in the best state of mind to be
writing emails. I feel like I've just written loads of
negative things, and I should be saying some positive
stuff but I'm not up to it right now, but I guess I
just wanted to write and say that there might be a lot
of reasons that people might not have replied yet as
apart from anything else, people making films and
video work are probably very busy trying to cope with
making stuff and staying alive, so don't take it
personally or as a snub on the community or something
because I bet it probably isn't.

and Klaus... I've been meaning to write you a private
message and havn't got about to it, and I'm still not
going to right now as I'm not up to it. However I did
want to say how much I liked getting your dvd with the
little message inside. It did make me smile when I got
it. Hope things are groovy in Berlin.

Take care everyone.



--- "xander!!! ." <email suppressed> wrote:

> on the theory that it 'costs' too much to trade
> dvd's
> it costs 20 cents to burn a dvd-r and 87 cents to
> mail one
> there are thousands of 'kids' accross the country
> who manage to engage in
> this type of trading culture with self produced
> music/mail art. in general
> the ethos is if someone sends you something you send
> them something back,
> even if it's just a postcard to say, 'yo i got yer
> stuff it rulz...don't
> have anything new now but when i do i'll send you
> some shit'
> if yer into it yer into, it if not that's ok but
> perhaps don't front. i
> don't think that the theory was ever that you had to
> send something to
> everybody on the list, but rather pick a few names
> at random pack up an
> envelope and wait and see what comes yer way. karma
> is relevent. up with
> community, down with limited edition scarcity logic.
> >From: Philip Hood <email suppressed>
> >Reply-To: Experimental Film Discussion List
> <email suppressed>
> >To: email suppressed
> >Subject: Re: + DVD trade??
> >Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 11:35:56 -0400
> >
> >On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, ben russell wrote:
> >
> >>... the promise of the dvd trade may very well
> have
> >>been a false one...
> >>
> >>not to call anyone out
> >>but suffice to say that i'm still waiting on 10+
> traders to reciprocate
> >>
> >>-ben russell
> >
> > hi, analyzing this program early
> > on, I realized that there was
> > inherent logistical problems that
> > were going to present themselves sooner
> > or later.
> >
> > the reason why was: directly, its too expensive
> > to make so many copies of one's work, and
> > then mail them out to all the people
> > in the exchange.
> >
> > I proposed, internally, to create
> > an alternate system where the participants
> > would, rather than exchange, would
> > share the dvds, in a ring type fashion.
> >
> > in this alternate program, a member
> > would create a smaller subset of
> > dvds, maybe only 3, and send them off
> > to a group on the list. these people
> > would then view and hold and then send
> > them off to the people would wanted them
> > next.
> >
> > it would work essentially as netflix
> > does, but instead of mailing back to
> > a centralized netflix service, you'd mail
> > them directly to the people who requested.
> > there would be a database that would
> > help to track and channel who got
> > what and how.
> >
> > I would write the webservice program to
> > do this.
> >
> > now, of course, the issue is that the
> > program could only work in as
> > far as people participated in so far
> > as they updated the dvd tracking information,
> > and resent the materials in a timely
> > fashion.
> >
> > now, I understand how and why the
> > initial program was created the way it
> > was created - but also immediately
> > understood that the monetary and other
> > logistical barriers
> > to really get it work sucessfully were
> > simply to high.
> >
> > the program I describe is pretty low
> > threshold & I think could potentially help
> > to get the works to circulate in a
> > more efficient manner.
> >
> >-ml
> >pth
> >
> >
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