Re: + DVD trade??

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 19 2006 - 12:56:19 PDT

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, xander!!! . wrote:

> if yer into it yer into, it if not that's ok but perhaps don't front. i
> don't think that the theory was ever that you had to send something to
> everybody on the list, but rather pick a few names at random pack up an
> envelope and wait and see what comes yer way. karma is relevent. up with
> community, down with limited edition scarcity logic.

         xander, I think it sounds fine what you
         said, but the problem is that it didn't really
         work. I sent out a few and I'm sure everyone
         did and then, after that, things just kinda
         trickled off.

         what I dislike about what you said
         is its honestly just full of dogma. I'm
         only really responding because I really believe
         in these things you say, but I honestly
         believe that if people were honest w/ themselves,
         they'd work hard to create a better process
         to create community. Its kinda like
         saying, ok, companies, "don't pollute," or
         "don't drive drunk" or "lets work on helping
         to get experimental film out in the world," or
         some other niceity w/out create a real
         working structure.

         then, when things don't work out, you cry,
         "don't front" & its "about community" or
         "down w/ the hollywood man & the mainstream
         media." Well, that's easy.

         The actual truth of the
         thing is that what ben russell said was
         wholly true. Instead of spouting dogma, I
         think, if you really cared, you'd look into
         why the situation turned out that way, look
         at why, and look for real alternatives.


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