Re: + DVD trade??

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 19 2006 - 08:35:56 PDT

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, ben russell wrote:

> ... the promise of the dvd trade may very well have
> been a false one...
> not to call anyone out
> but suffice to say that i'm still waiting on 10+ traders to reciprocate
> -ben russell

         hi, analyzing this program early
         on, I realized that there was
         inherent logistical problems that
         were going to present themselves sooner
         or later.

         the reason why was: directly, its too expensive
         to make so many copies of one's work, and
         then mail them out to all the people
         in the exchange.

         I proposed, internally, to create
         an alternate system where the participants
         would, rather than exchange, would
         share the dvds, in a ring type fashion.

         in this alternate program, a member
         would create a smaller subset of
         dvds, maybe only 3, and send them off
         to a group on the list. these people
         would then view and hold and then send
         them off to the people would wanted them

         it would work essentially as netflix
         does, but instead of mailing back to
         a centralized netflix service, you'd mail
         them directly to the people who requested.
         there would be a database that would
         help to track and channel who got
         what and how.

         I would write the webservice program to
         do this.

         now, of course, the issue is that the
         program could only work in as
         far as people participated in so far
         as they updated the dvd tracking information,
         and resent the materials in a timely

         now, I understand how and why the
         initial program was created the way it
         was created - but also immediately
         understood that the monetary and other
         logistical barriers
         to really get it work sucessfully were
         simply to high.

         the program I describe is pretty low
         threshold & I think could potentially help
         to get the works to circulate in a
         more efficient manner.


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