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From: Rob Gawthrop (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 09 2006 - 08:32:33 PDT

Incandescent October 2006
The Spectacle Of Illumination Its Creation And Destruction

Incandescent is a month of events that explores the spectacle of
illumination. Artists from the UK and Europe will be exhibiting and
performing specially commissioned work taking place at various sites in
Hull City centre including Matthew Tickle's installation Punctum &
Nebula a symposium and the film programme Before the Eyes .

Before the Eyes

7.30 Saturday 14th October £5 (£4 conc.)
Hull Screen (University of Lincoln) George Street Hull HU1 3BW.

A programme of films by artists who have explored the connections
between light, space and time. Through the use of metaphor,
abstraction and visual poetry, the impact of science on perceptions of
the world become revealed. Before the Eyes was curated and presented
by Rob Gawthrop of Hull Art Lab.


Erth John Latham (GB) 1971 25min
 From outer space to the centre of the world, in which consciousness is
revealed as sedimented history. Distant views of the approaching Earth
punctuated by black and silence and light years are compressed into a
cosmic imaginary.

Transit of Venus Nicky Hamlyn (GB) 2005 2min
A time lapse record of when Venus passed across the Sun contextualized
with data detailing the various technical parameters which determined
the peculiarity of the image.

Uranium Hex Sandra Lahire (GB) 1988 11min
"Uranium Hex" is a pointillist Geiger-counter crackle of visuals that
deploys a number of experimental techniques to find an image for the
radioactivity that slips unseen into the air. - Steven Bode.

Un-fit Jo Pearson GB 1992 1min
Originally shown as an interruption on BBC2’s Late Show

FIN Silvia Kirchhof and Andreas Tröger (Ger) 1994 14min
A kaleidoscopic video collage based on Paul Virilio’s theories
regarding how the human race is victimised by its forced progress
through the phenomenon and destructive power of acceleration.


As Seen Through A Telescope George Albert Smith (GB) 1900 1min
Voyeuristic uses for a piece of optical apparatus.

La Peine Du Talion (Tit for Tat) Gaston Velle & Albert Capellani (Fr)
A spectacularly hand-tinted film of butterflies exerting revenge on a
collector. 3 min

The Very Eye of Night Maya Deren (USA) 1959
A celestial dance made entirely in the negative. 15min

Seven Days Chris Welsby (GB) 1974
The camera’s shadow (when sunny) alternating with shots of the sky
(when cloudy). Filmed over one week by a stream in Wales using an
astronomical device and time-lapse photography. 4mins

Free Radicals Len Lye (NZ) 1958, recomposed 1979 4min
Made without a camera by scratching directly on black emulsion Free
Radicals is a celebration of energy.

Ray Gun Virus Paul Sharits (USA) 1966 14min
A stroboscopic imageless film of extraordinary intensity. 'With films
like Ray Gun Virus, LSD may become obsolete.' MOMA [Please note that
this film is not suitable for people adversely affected by flashing


The invention of cinema can no more be separated from the invention of
searchlights than it can from that of snapshot photography. Did not
Thomas Edison, inventor of the incandescent lamp in 1879 work on the
kinetograph a few years later? As to Louis Lumiére, at the Universal
Exhibition of 1900 the French Navy lent him its most powerful
searchlight to project his films on to a large screen, in the famous
Gallery of Machines. Paul Virilio Polar Inertia (Sage 2000).


Rob Gawthrop
Co-founder and director of Hull Art Lab (with Bob Levene & Espen
Jensen) is an artist, writer and musician and former head of art at the
Hull School of Art. Noise Film & Aesthetics was published in
Experimental Film and Video: An Anthology Edited by Jackie Hatfield
(August 2006).

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