Re: Education and Hollywood was Re: CVM CALL FOR WORK: Abstract and Experimental Moving Images

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 03 2006 - 10:30:02 PDT

the system of education as far as i am concerned
is commodity driven
(the commodity is not just the product after edu being produced
but moreover the student is the schools 'commodity'
the student pays them - but it is a role reversal)
and hierarchical in structure
there are examples of other forms of relating within the edu system
for one evergreen state college
and a few art schools w/ out a grade system
but it is hardly enough
if u grade u judge and it is subjective
i was not comparing apples and oranges
i was pointing out a hypocritical stance on the part of the ag
against the big hollowood machine
meanwhile back at the camp
they are working inside an even huger big machine
- the university system - why don't they say anything about
what is wrong in that system?
you can't tell me it is a perfect system
(or i guess u could but...)

it's not just a matter of work being judged
as right or wrong
it's a matter of academic hegemony
there is a lack of democracy
though there certainly are examples of low ego levels
it hardly changes the entire system
and i am highly suspect of the teacher student relationship
and i do understand there are exceptions

talking about cash
i pay u for what as a professor?
supposedly ur knowledge right?
so that's intellectual property - right?
then what is the problem with them selling there 'intellectual property' to
hollowood - is it really that different?
i would say it may be actually worse to sell it to a university
because that structure of learning -
w/ exceptions to say the u of texas at austin's
architecture department and a few others -
is severely antiquated -
although initial universities probably had it more together
they did not separate out art and science into departments
when u learned one u learned the other -
hollywood is actually most probably less corrupt - more ethical

well in terms of the professors not making big cash
i guess they probably have a hut and food
but i am most sure that the deans of their colleges
and the department heads have a few huts
the whole structure not only echoes the capitalist model but is within it
which (you may not realize) doesn't work for humanity
let's not even talk about what it means to have to pay for knowledge
in terms of access points - + other particulars of hegemony

i am simply pointing out the likenesses of each sphere
i just don't believe the walls and the reasoning behind intellectual
property rights
are benificial to mankind/world - knowledge advancement


On 10/2/06, Jack Sargeant <email suppressed> wrote:
> Can you compare apples and bananas? Clearly Hollywood cinema is
> designed to be consumed, commonly passively. While (art / film)
> education is actually about the student's own practice in relation to
> an academic course. I don't know that universities are simply commodity
> driven, certainly those I teach at actually encourage individual
> thinking and creative practice. Most lecturers (who are any good)
> actually enjoy watching students' work, and don't simply "judge" work
> from a superior position, the pleasure in teaching is to see somebody
> push something in a new way, developing in a way that was not
> previously considered.
> Yes, I have a permanent teaching post BUT I am VERY lucky to have it,
> lets be honest very very few experimental filmmakers make a good living
> out of teaching - as you imply when you say they "make their money
> through this system" - most I've known / know work teaching one or two
> courses a year as visiting teachers, they don't get sick pay or holiday
> pay,
> Jack
> >
> > Cari said:
> >
> > - roughly i will try to answer -
> > the 'product' of the university is a commodity driven entity
> > the 'job' of our present university system is not set up to actually
> > educate in any real sense (particularly in a socrateal sense)
> > the individual is not engaged - if so (more) descent would occur -
> > our universities engage in a very real political stance
> > that of a capitalist
> > further the hierarchical system is to me a large joke
> > just because someone is older than me they 'know more'
> > and can judge my work 'better' than me?
> > whereby it is really more of an interchange
> > and then only if the 'teacher' loosens the death grip of their ego
> > also i just don't think that professors generally
> > keep themselves on the threshold of knowledge
> > - and often fight against the reality of what is futuresque -
> >
> > my connection herein was that many many
> > experimental filmmakers make their money through this system
> > (someone that posted in complaint posted w/ an .edu)
> > have gotten educations in this system
> > haven't changed this system
> > worked within this system
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