Education and Hollywood was Re: CVM CALL FOR WORK: Abstract and Experimental Moving Images

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 02 2006 - 17:23:44 PDT

Can you compare apples and bananas? Clearly Hollywood cinema is
designed to be consumed, commonly passively. While (art / film)
education is actually about the student's own practice in relation to
an academic course. I don't know that universities are simply commodity
driven, certainly those I teach at actually encourage individual
thinking and creative practice. Most lecturers (who are any good)
actually enjoy watching students' work, and don't simply "judge" work
from a superior position, the pleasure in teaching is to see somebody
push something in a new way, developing in a way that was not
previously considered.

Yes, I have a permanent teaching post BUT I am VERY lucky to have it,
lets be honest very very few experimental filmmakers make a good living
out of teaching - as you imply when you say they "make their money
through this system" - most I've known / know work teaching one or two
courses a year as visiting teachers, they don't get sick pay or holiday



> Cari said:
> - roughly i will try to answer -
> the 'product' of the university is a commodity driven entity
> the 'job' of our present university system is not set up to actually
> educate in any real sense (particularly in a socrateal sense)
> the individual is not engaged - if so (more) descent would occur -
> our universities engage in a very real political stance
> that of a capitalist
> further the hierarchical system is to me a large joke
> just because someone is older than me they 'know more'
> and can judge my work 'better' than me?
> whereby it is really more of an interchange
> and then only if the 'teacher' loosens the death grip of their ego
> also i just don't think that professors generally
> keep themselves on the threshold of knowledge
> - and often fight against the reality of what is futuresque -
> my connection herein was that many many
> experimental filmmakers make their money through this system
> (someone that posted in complaint posted w/ an .edu)
> have gotten educations in this system
> haven't changed this system
> worked within this system

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