Re: Projector Sound Problem (recommendations)

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 15:28:51 PDT

> I think Sam Wells has an opinion about
> earlier Pageants, so he might jump in with his two cents
> worth....although
> I ask that he provide a model number this time around...

I can't remember any more model numbers, I've reached my limit...
passcode # this ver # that ver # OSX ver # 7205 replaces 7246, F64D,
is that 8622 or a mini storage unit 7266 new 7278 or is it 7265, ID #
Build # Update to 5.1.2 wait, first crossgrade to 5.1.1, (by
10/25/06) or should I wait for 5.1.3 ? Your question is important to
us and will be handled by the next available filmmaker.

OK My 0.75 Baht: I like the Pageant with a condenser lens

-THX 1139

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