Re: Projector Sound Problem (recommendations)

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 14:23:22 PDT

> A quick search of eBay this morning found someone
> selling an Eiki right in town - uses all the same
> bulbs as my old Elmo - so nothing new to buy! Yippy!

I've never cared much for the Elmo CL-16 machines. The run switch needs a
standy position (1. loop formed (standy), and 2. run). You have to be able
to check the loop to insure safe projection. The damn Elmo just takes off
running, and the cover prevents you from even examining the loop, so one
must remove it in order to see the thread path. The other problem with
Elmo CL-16 projectors is that if emulsion is allowed to build-up around
the sound head it can actually scratch the film over time. The clearance
is very tight and needs constant cleaning, esp with older coop prints.

The best slotloader IMO is the Hokushin SC-210. I've seen no other table
top, quartz model projector run prints so well, and handle splices without
a bump (even the sound head handles splices well). The trouble with the
Hokushin is that Rangertone is the only remaining service center (as far
as I know), and I've never enjoyed phone conversations with the one or two
people there who still work on them.

My first choice is Eiki SSL for good condition prints. There's numerous
service centers and parts are still available. The projector can be fitted
with nicer ISCO lenses when you can find them. And the stock 50mm is
pretty dang sharp.

My second choice is the Pageant 250S. The optics are not the greatest
(very bad actually), but the projectors handle shrunken and spliced film
safely and project steady images...and there are people on the west and
east coasts as well as the mid-west that will service the machines.

Stick to Eiki SSL and Pageant 250S. I think Sam Wells has an opinion about
earlier Pageants, so he might jump in with his two cents worth....although
I ask that he provide a model number this time around...

Good luck with the series Josh!


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