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From: Marcos Ortega (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 03:01:13 PDT

There is no “easy” way to do this. The first DVD drives (rpc1) were easy to
hack, since the control was made via software, but the latest versions
(rpc2) store the change count in the drive (hardware). You’ll probably have
to change the drive’s firmware or use a specific tool like “DVD region+CSS
free” or “DVD X ghost”. The first thing to do would be checking your drive’s
level of protection. Check this link:


Feel free to ask anything.




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Does anyone know how to disable the Windows function that limits the number
of times you can change the region on your DVD drive before the change
becomes permanent? I know this can be done because someone did it for me.
He got to a menu where you either deselect something or change a setting to
"0." That person is no longer around and I can't figure out what he did.


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