More re Warhol

From: Jeff Kreines (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 23 2006 - 18:56:58 PDT

I recorded part two of this nightmare -- and was checking it to make
sure I had it all, without watching it, mostly -- and got to the end
-- where there's a vintage interview with Warhol under the credits.

Shortly after this begins, the credits are squeezed to 1/2 screen,
and the audio cut so that PBS can promote next weeks show, and try to
sell you a DVD of this week's show. So you don't get to hear this
interview, and you can't read the credits (too small, too fast) so
you don't know what the sources for the film and video in this piece
of crap were. Given that there were several minutes left in the
hour, this was an unnecessary intrusion on the part of PBS. Not that
I was surprised.

The few minutes of this film I did watch seemed to be there to
justify the later commissioned work, and the business structure that
changed the Factory into big business, tho even Bob Colacello seemed
embarrassed by this.

And from what I saw on fast-forward, all of the 4:3 source material
was cropped -- by someone with no sense of framing, no less. (See my
earlier post for details.)

I guess the way PBS decides who gets to make these hagiographies is
who will be able to raise the most corporate funding... that's why
this sort of drivel gets made.

I nominate this for a new AMIA Award for Most Irresponsible Use of
Archival Material, 2006. Anyone want to second it? I think it's
important that the archival world stand up and try to stop this
nonsense. Fine to honor the good, but I think it's also important to
point out the serious abuses, of which this is certainly one.

Jeff Kreines
Coosada, Alabama

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