Re: Quicktime encoding question

From: alvamel (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 23 2006 - 13:09:10 PDT

Hi Scott,

It seems like you have two questions here. One is creating a compressed video that is good for viewing online and the other is about protecting from downloading. As you know QuickTime isn't the only software used from ripping and decoding video. QuickTime has a number of robust codecs for encoding video for the web. (When you export use Mpeg-4, H-264 codecs.) None of them will protect from downloading.

I would suggest that you watermmark your work. It's a way embed your ownership information permanently. There are a number of companies (small and large) that have watermarking technology. A quick web search will give you a number of options.


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>Subject: Quicktime encoding question
>Hey Frameworkers:
>I'm compressing some of my videos into Quicktime
>format movies for viewing online. Is there a way to
>encode the videos so that they cannot easily be
>downloaded? I know, for example, that with Quicktime
>Pro, you can download and save many videos that are
>online, and I'd like to be able to minimize this ...
>if it's possible.
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