Re: Quicktime encoding question

From: db (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 23 2006 - 10:25:52 PDT

Too bad. I generally prefer to hop around when I'm online, finding
things which interest me and watching them at my convenience later. I
rarely have the patience to watch anything longer than 2 or 3 minutes
when I'm online, and that patience rapidly shrinks to durations of
30-40 seconds the longer I'm online. If I was on dial up or not using
wireless I wouldn't even be trying. I've fooled around a bit with
torrents to see things which might otherwise be impossible to see,
but even that tries my patience with the glitches that often occur--
not to mention the 7-25 hour downloads usually required for more
obscure items seeded 1:1. I've reached the point where if I can't
download it for viewing when I want I'll skip to the next thing.
YouTube is one of the few places I'll actually stay online and browse
for entertainment. And, while I haven't investigated much, those
movies appear to not be downloadable without a screen capturing device.

I also have a strong attraction to the "viral" aspects of downloads.
Someone will send me a song they think I'll like. If I do, I look to
hear more. If I like several of the pieces I'll actively track down
the music for purchase.

If you are concerned about or focused on selling stuff, and that's
why you don't want the files to be downloaded, I consider the online
version as an introductory piece because of all the artifacts of
compression. If I'm really interested in the work I'll track down how
to purchase it to see it in its "full glory." But that's me.


On Sep 23, 2006, at 9:18 AM, scott nyerges wrote:

> Hey Frameworkers:
> I'm compressing some of my videos into Quicktime
> format movies for viewing online. Is there a way to
> encode the videos so that they cannot easily be
> downloaded? I know, for example, that with Quicktime
> Pro, you can download and save many videos that are
> online, and I'd like to be able to minimize this ...
> if it's possible.
> Thanks!
> Scott

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