From: eric fleischauer (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 10 2006 - 11:18:42 PDT

AA, sounds like a not-to-be-missed show. has
jefferson presents.... really done 69....shows? that
is quite a feat.

to answer your myspace question, they are teating me
ok here. actually, no one is treating me yet. i
haven't really "connected" with anyone here in my
program. there is one person, who my studio is next
to, she (i think it s a she - but some post-structural
theory i was reading argued why do we have to have
these gender labels? she, the author, refered to it
as the 'violence of naming'. so i will refer to this
person by the name they used to introduce themselves
to me: Malic) makes film and videos and is very
friendly. we've chatted a bunch and have a class
together. other than that just a few random
interactions here and there. tuesday all the grads
are getting together to present our work to each other
in a casual setting. i'm deciding what piece to show
to the group. it is a decision which will define me
in the eyes of my peers. do i want to be the weirdo
from perfection, the sound dabbeler from a/v, the
filmmaker from still life w/ fruit, etc....... of
course this is just a secondary first impression.
hopefully i will become everything plus more to these
people with time.

the course work is quite intense. i guess that is
what you get at a university. i had to drop my
elective b.c. it was a grad level art history class
and i was definitely unprepared for that (i thought it
was an undergrad class). the first years are being
encouraged to get a 4.0 their first semester so we
qualify for a crazy BIG scholarship our second year.
we were told to take a loght load so we can represent
the school of art and win a couple of these big
scholarships - university politics. in my art and
ethics class we are reading a bunch of classic
writings on ethics by greek philosophers' and mill,
kant, etc,, then moving into more modern times and
relating it to artistic practices of artists today.

a new factuly member just came to uic, you might
recognize him from frameworks. ben russell. he seems
nice. he is one of four people on my crit panel this
semester, which is the second class i'm in. the third
class is a 1-on-1 advisor. i just met with her and
she liked some of my videos. she recommended i read
some barthes, 'death of the author' and 'rhetoric of
the image'. needless to say, i have no shortage of
reading to do each week.

i am feeling some anxiety about art-making. i don't
have any ideas right now and mid-terms are quickly
approcahing. it is weird having a studio where you're
expected to create art. i'm just not used to working
like that, it will take some time to adjust, if i do
adjust at all.

the equipment access here is lame compared to
filmmakers. there is hdv and dvcam but you only get
stuff for 1 day and there isn't very much of anything.
 plus, i don't have keys and 24/7 access. we had it

goerge kuchar is speaking and showing films in october
(i think) as part of the vdb's 30th anniversary. i
have class that night, i might skip and go. there is
a lot to do around here, lectures, screenings, etc..
that is nice.

thursday i got picked up and booked by the chicago pd.
 it was redicilious. i was videotaping (documenting)
this huge evacuation drill the city held to test their
preparedness ofr a terrorist strike. after i was
taping for about 30 mninutes a cop pulled me aside and
took all my info and shit. he says anyone w/o
credentials filming or taking pics is getting put
through the fdederal system to run a check for any
ties to terror, or part criminal acts and shit. it
was kind of creepy. we really live in a police state
now a days. they did let me keep my tape, which i
thought they would confiscate). but i got a free
backpack and bag of cheetos out of it. now i have to
contact the police to make sure they erase me from
their system once i am cleared of any link to

...and that is how they're treating me.

so, how are "they" treating you?? are you teaching
this semester. is phomo back in session? what new is
going on with AA, or PFMI, or JP, or pgh???????????
is it true tony is leaving in october?? that is crazy
soon. are you stoked for the season premeire of ER.
what will come of abby's baby? how abot sam and her
son? what shit is gonna go down there? so many
i hope you're well and enjoying yourself. take care.


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