Jefferson Presents...#70 Friday 09/22/06

From: ADAM ABRAMS (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 10 2006 - 09:35:39 PDT

Jefferson Presents...#70
Fri. 09/22/06, 9:00pm
$5, $4 Students
Garfield Artworks, 4931 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh
All on 16mm
Stephen Parr/ Oddball Films Smut Shop Cinema: The Subject is Sex Volume 2 is an even more hilarious rollercoaster through the sights and sounds of seamy Sex-in- Cinema. The Subject is Sex Volume 2 features more offbeat and off-the-wall wonders from the Oddball Archives. Bizarre hygiene films, burlesque bits, sexy cigarette ads, peepshow loops, unintentionally erotic and hilarious commercials, movie trailers all make this a not-to-be-missed orgy of schlock erotic cinema.
The Subject is Sex II
Chemical Bank (Color, 1970s)
Bigelow Carpets (Color, 1970s)
Safety Shoes (Color, 1970s)
Frederick's of Hollywood (Color, 1970s)
Erik is Here (B+W, 1960s)
Sadie the Sunbather (B+W, 1940s)
Clorets (B+W, 1960s)
Texas Strip (B+W, 1948)
American Dreamer (Color, 1971)
The First New York Erotic Film Festival (Color, 1971)
The Greeks Have a Word for It (Color, 1969)
The Magician (B+W, 1960s)
Salvo Detergent with Wally Cox (B+W, 1960s)
What is the World Coming To? (B+W, 1926)
Erik is Here (B+W, 1960s)
Physically Fit (Color, 1965)
Big Babies (B+W, 1960s)
Jeno's Pizza Rolls (Color, 1967)
The Excitable Redhead/ Dr. Crackem (B+W, 1948)
Pajama Boy (Color, 1971)
Wet Dreams (Color, 1973)
Best of NY Erotic Film Festival (Color,1971)
Candy Girl (Color, 1970s)
Black Mama, White Mama (Color, 1972)
Colt 45 (Color, 1960s)
Caprice: The Love Car (Color, 1960s)
Artist's Model with Sally Rand (B+W, 1948)
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