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Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 17:55:35 PDT

My query is indeed for the sound segment of the intro-level course
"Introduction to the Moving Image Arts," which I've been obliged to teach
for the last ten years. I'm tired of the examples I've been using, which
include the titles you mention, so I'm looking for more unusual material
just to keep myself awake and amused. I'm totally distracted with book
projects that are on entirely different subjects, so I thought I'd appeal to
the terrific resource that Frameworks is. And of course it works...

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> Gene,
> What's the context or goal here? Are you looking for examples to use in a
> course, or material for a presentation or piece of writing? I ask because
> suggestions for the former application (and what kind of course, and at
> what level?) wouldn't need to be examples no-one had ever thought of
> before; whereas you wouldn't necessarily need to be the umpteenth person
> to argue in print (after Jonathan Crary, Michel Chion, Rick Altman, Slavoj
> Zizek, etc. etc.) something about the uses of sound in A NOUS LA LIBERTE
> those examples are.
> jk
>> Frameworkers, I'm looking for innovative uses of sound in films --
>> experimental or mainstream narrative, but they must be on DVD. By "sound"
>> I mean primarily non-musical ambient/diegetic or extradiegetic collage,
>> etc. It can include speech. I have already thought of Godard and early
>> Viola.
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