Re: sound in films

From: MercerMedia (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 13:15:46 PDT

Some favorites off the top of my head:

The films of Alan Berliner, especially "Nobody's Business," "Wide
Awake" when it's available
Peggy Ahwesh "Strange Weather," " "Nocturne"
Diane Bonder "Closer to Heaven" (won best sound @ Ann Arbor),
"Physics of Love"
Shelly Silver "37 Stories About Leaving Home"
Andrej Zdravic "Anastomosis" (show it before a meal break)
Maria Venuto "The Tourist"
Peter Kubelka "Unsere Afrikareise"
Cathy Cook "The Match That Started My Fire," "Beyond Voluntary Control"

More mainstream films, some already mentioned like "The Conversation,"
"Eraserhead," "Mother and Son." "Blue," "American Grafitti" etc.

Animation of course (experimental and mainstream) Jones, Frehling,
Plympton, Quays et al

There's the new release of "Apocalypse Now" (Complete Dossier?) where I
understand Murch gives his spiel on the China Beach sequence (a class
in itself.) If you've never see Murch present in person, it's well
worth it.

How about Altman? I usually show the Burt Reynolds sequence from "The
Player." (Background>=Foreground)

What's our cut for helping build your syllabus (if this is for a class)?

Bill Seery
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