Re: The Tank

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 21 2006 - 16:47:53 PDT

hmmn i don't know
i don't think that seeing a problem as too large for any one organization
or one person leads us to effective action
i think it is an important activity
to be able to voice disagreement and raise questions
about anyone's activities
be that individual or group
i think getting muddled in superficial uses of "tone"
(whatever that means in written text)
is just smoke screeny
and certainly not the meat of the matter
some people don't agree with the tanks funding activities
that is understandable
sometimes when i go to events and see it's funded by
say red bull i am happy
cause they are kinda good about funding excellent idea stuff
weird stuff - also i like kiehl's
some i don't think they fit what they fund - they aren't really conscious in
that way
i think questioning the ideology behind the/any activity is very important
and healthy
i don't think it is about trying to "dishearten..." anyone
the opposite i would say


On 8/21/06, Adam Trowbridge <email suppressed> wrote:
> > It is truly disheartening to me that this has been met with such cynical
> > criticism. The Tank is merely one venue of a community of non-profit
> > organizations dedicated to screening underrepresented experimental film
> > and video to the public on a continuing basis, and it is integral that
> > this endeavor is sustained through the support of the greater
> experimental
> > moving picture community.
> I agree that the immediate criticism and tone was unnecessary, especially
> since your organization included a link to an excellent website. From the
> front page it was one click to "about" for a page that explains your
> mission and who, specifically, is behind the organization.
> I don't know that sarcastically criticizing one organization for their
> entry fee actually accomplishes anything. On the fee topic in general,
> once I've looked into an org, I assume that most (non-festival venues)
> charge the fees they need to make the event happen. If their venue is
> worth it and I can currently afford it, I'll pay. I hope (and I assume)
> that most venues attempt to get by on dononations/sponsors, then the
> audience and then submission fees. Perhaps I am being a naive optimist on
> that point. Yes, paying to show your work is bizarre but it's a much
> larger problem than one independent, start-up venue can address.
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