Re: The Tank

From: Adam Trowbridge (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 21 2006 - 15:13:54 PDT

> It is truly disheartening to me that this has been met with such cynical
> criticism. The Tank is merely one venue of a community of non-profit
> organizations dedicated to screening underrepresented experimental film
> and video to the public on a continuing basis, and it is integral that
> this endeavor is sustained through the support of the greater experimental
> moving picture community.

I agree that the immediate criticism and tone was unnecessary, especially
since your organization included a link to an excellent website. From the
front page it was one click to "about" for a page that explains your
mission and who, specifically, is behind the organization.

I don't know that sarcastically criticizing one organization for their
entry fee actually accomplishes anything. On the fee topic in general,
once I've looked into an org, I assume that most (non-festival venues)
charge the fees they need to make the event happen. If their venue is
worth it and I can currently afford it, I'll pay. I hope (and I assume)
that most venues attempt to get by on dononations/sponsors, then the
audience and then submission fees. Perhaps I am being a naive optimist on
that point. Yes, paying to show your work is bizarre but it's a much
larger problem than one independent, start-up venue can address.

Adam Trowbridge

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