Choice Cuts Film in Boston

From: jaimes mayhew (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 04 2006 - 15:53:09 PDT

Choice Cuts is a two-night film screening produced by
James Mayhew and Niq Brynolfson that is dedicated
to bringing
experimental and underground video to the Boston
area in an informal setting.

Choice Cuts is back for its second year bringing
local and
international experimental film and video to
Boston. This year Choice Cuts will host 2 nights
of screenings. The first night will be held at Art
Interactive in Central Square, Cambridge
on Thursday August 10.
This program will focus on video work, including
work by Joe Gibbons, Jaclyn Genega, Michael Van
DeVeer and many others. Loise Bourque's film
installation "Going Back Home Again" will be on
display before the screening. Doors open at 7:00
and the screening starts at 8:00.

The second night will be held at S.C.A.T in Union
Square, Somerville (Somerville Community Access
Television, (<>)
on Friday August
11. The program will focus on film and will
include work by Rob Todd, Louise Bourque, Ben
Russell, Jonathan Schwartz and many others.
Following the screening we will serve refreshments
and present a video installation by Mike Hall.
Both nights will be free and open to the public,
but space will be limited so come early.

Choice Cuts 2006 Schedule and List of Filmmakers

August 10th at Art Interactive, 7:00pm

*From 7:00-8pm- Louise Bourque's film installation
Going Back Home
Again will on be on display.

Andrew Shea- Portrait of Movements

Jordon Colon-Compostional Kinetics

Ryan Sciaino-Web Cam Girls

Heloisa Escudero-OUD, IF-#1, phrase #1-IT-06

Michael Van DeVeer-Mi Coche

Joe Gibbons-A Time To Die, Room 1040, A Time To Die

Saana Maarit-Thought Moves Surround

Jaclyn Genega-Poisoned Garden

August 11th at Somerville Community Access


Please join us after the screening for
refreshements and Mike Hall's
experiments in projected video feedback.

Charles Chadwick-Here Lie Serpents, Mirror Reflected

Ben Russell-Red God and Blue God

Jonathon Schwartz-For Them Ending, Sunbeam Hunters

Louise Bourque-Imprint, Fissures

Robert Todd-qualities of stone

Adam Paradis-Untitled #2, Untitled #3

N. Brynolfson- The Planetarium Cycle

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