Marie Losier presents "In My Pocket" - NYC August 15

From: Pioneer Theater (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 04 2006 - 09:49:01 PDT

Tuesday August 15
Pioneer Theater, NYC

Marie Losier presents
"In My Pocket!"

Featuring films directed by Shannon Plumb, Leon Prochnik, Ross McLaren, Helen Quinn, Ianthe Jackson, Mike Kuchar, and George Kuchar!

Franco-American filmmaker, programmer, and goofball Marie Losier presents a torrent of films made by her own friends and enemies!

All titles showing from video

Olympics, track field
Shannon Plumb 2005, color, 18min.
Shannon is all over the stadium, she plays all of the 10 differents athletes at the same time and in her keaton-like performance she just keep making us laugh with grace! She is the kitchy queen of silent films!

The Existentialist
Leon Prochnik, 10 min, b & w, sound.
Leon Prochnik's study of non-conformity has a man walking through New York while the traffic and the city move about him in reverse!

Sex Without Glasses
Ross McLaren (1983), color, sound, 12-3/4 min.
An amalgam of sex without guilt and sight without glasses. The importance of being able to see what you are doing. A film about confusing relationshops, telephones and wetness; and starring a preverbal somnambulist floating between word and object. --R.M.

Cruel Frederick
Helen Quinn (2005), 5min, animation, color.
Cruel Frederick is an offbeat, hilarious and dark animated tale about an evil little boy named Fred set to a song by the Tiger Lillies. German physician and writer Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894) wrote this didactic tale that was meant to scare children when they behaved badly. The British band, The Tiger Lillies, put this and other Hoffmann stories to music. Helen Quinn was so inspired by the song that she drew corresponding images with gouache and filmed them frame by frame with a Super 8 camera.

Food Chain
Ianthe Jackson, animation, color, 2min-10s.
Five is a stop motion animation about the transformation of the individual and space.

Mike Kuchar (2006), color, 8min.
With Sebastien Sanz De Santamaria, Marie Losier and Paul Shepard. A mysterious face from the past appears as a young couple unites. Be ready for some ultra kitch loving performances "a la Mike Kuchar!"

George Kuchar (2006), color, 20min.
Brand New Work!

Followed by free beer & pizza reception.

Pioneer Theater, NYC
East 3rd Street between Aves A&B

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