Re: suggestions for a CAMCORDER???

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jul 23 2006 - 10:01:29 PDT

canon models are ok - they don't last long but...
(very consumer) but...
the "z" models - not all have mic mounts
i would never buy used in that price range - only higher
my friend he digs jvc
i think the picture is flatter than canon
we both dislike sony cause of picture flattness
personally i like the sound quality of my vidster but...
b + h is my recommendation (they ship of course)

if ur more interested in the sound quality u could buy a dat
and a less expensive cam - 250 or whatever
dat sound is a little tinie for me but good durable sound
and it can b filtered out later to sound warmer
mics are super important choose wisely for ur needs


On 7/23/06, David Lee <email suppressed> wrote:
> Please, A little helping getting my hands on a
> CAMCORDER. (No cheap rentals from collectives in the
> 21st centry in the backwoods of Washington, DC.)
> Something in the spirit of the Bolex -
> affordable, durable and with manual control.
> I can spend $500, maybe up to $1k (not the $3000
> where the good stuff seems to sell). I use Mac (so no
> mini DVD recorders and has to download to OS X). I
> will be in African situations (so no hard drives,
> unless they are detachable). I care more about good
> sound more than I care about color or image stability
> (so I need something with a microphone boot, and maybe
> the eventual purchase of a microphone.)
> I am presuming it is better to buy new,
> since I don't know how to gage a reliable used
> camcorder.
> GRATEFUL that so many of you wanted to see/hear my
> first DVD. It encourages this 16 m.m. dinosaur. And
> YES, you will be hearing more of my wife's beautiful
> GOSPEL SINGING FROM SWAZILAND, in its evolving form.
> We will be returning to her country so I can continue
> working with her people with HIV and (in an
> avant-guarde form) recording their culture.
> -David Lee
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