suggestions for a CAMCORDER???

From: David Lee (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jul 23 2006 - 07:43:51 PDT

Please, A little helping getting my hands on a
CAMCORDER. (No cheap rentals from collectives in the
21st centry in the backwoods of Washington, DC.)

          Something in the spirit of the Bolex -
affordable, durable and with manual control.
        I can spend $500, maybe up to $1k (not the $3000
where the good stuff seems to sell). I use Mac (so no
mini DVD recorders and has to download to OS X). I
will be in African situations (so no hard drives,
unless they are detachable). I care more about good
sound more than I care about color or image stability
(so I need something with a microphone boot, and maybe
the eventual purchase of a microphone.)

            I am presuming it is better to buy new,
since I donít know how to gage a reliable used

               AND THANK YOU, FRAMEWORKS. I am
GRATEFUL that so many of you wanted to see/hear my
first DVD. It encourages this 16 m.m. dinosaur. And
YES, you will be hearing more of my wifeís beautiful
GOSPEL SINGING FROM SWAZILAND, in its evolving form.
We will be returning to her country so I can continue
working with her people with HIV and (in an
avant-guarde form) recording their culture.

-David Lee

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