Re: video projector for small-ish exhibition space?

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2006 - 18:58:17 PDT

Quoting Sam Wells <email suppressed>:

>> I don't want to pay $5K for a projector that will be obsolete or
>> inadequate in a couple of years.
> Any digital electronics purchase you make will likely be obsolete in
> a couple of years (if not months ;-)
Improved upon, surpassed, in a few months, yes, but not "obsolete," if
you pay attention to where the tech is heading. True HD, with HDMI,
will be compatible with most everything for quite a while. On the other
hand, it is easy to buy equipment that is already obsolete, if you
don't do your homework.

>>>> I love DLP, much prefer it to LCD. I have a RP HD DLP monitor, with a
>>>> high speed color wheel, don't move my head much while watching, and
>>>> rarely see the rainbow effect.
> Yes, but it's different when it's a monitor; my experience with one
> chip DLP projectors is I can see the rainbows with abrupt eye
> movement.
> But maybe it's different with the high speed wheel - have you tried
> to see it darting your eyes ? I'm curious.
> (It seems to bother me more than some other people).
> -Sam

I'll admit, the only DLP projectors I've seen were 3 chip. They made me
an ex-film snob, as far as theater size screens go. But, I always DID
think video had its uses. ;)

I have tried to induce the rainbow effect, using all sorts of head and
eye movements, and I can't induce it regularly. I do see it sometimes.
My monitor is less than two years old, and had the fastest color wheel
there was, when it was new. I read somewhere that the US Air Force
considered DLP for cockpit displays in fighters, but declined, due to
the rainbow effect. They calculated the color wheel speed necessary for
the rainbow effect to disappear. I forget what it was, but it was
faster than any are likely to achieve. Still, faster wheels do reduce
it. Another technique for reducing the effect is more colors in the
wheel. I think some are up to 7 now. But Samsung is coming out with
1080p DLP RP sets using an LED bulb, that are supposed to eliminate the
rainbow effect. I think there is another company with similar sets. I'm
not sure if there are projectors with this tech yet, but I'm sure there
will be soon, if they don't have them already.

Ken B.

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