video projector for small-ish exhibition space?

From: David Tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2006 - 12:28:57 PDT

I hate one chip DLPs. I got a chance to look at the much ballyhooed (and
only somewhat less expensive than 3 chip) ProjectionDesign F3, which is
advertised as not having a rainbow effect, but it definitely had one-- too
annoying for cinematic projection.

I haven't seen any of the 'new' LCDs Mitsu lauds (M: can you shoot us
specific model #s?), but every (old, I suppose) LCD our college owns
stinks: they can't display monochrome at all (red tint on one side, green
tint on the other) and they're way too contrasty: everything even close to
dark detail goes to inky mud.

BTW Pablo, what you want is not high-contrast, but low-contrast, which
would be expressed by a larger contrast range number, meaning the
projector is capable of more intermediate shades of gray beyween it's
whitest white and blackest black. The lower number means higher contrast:
more potentially intermediate shades get pushed toward the black or white

If anyone can recommend other models of current LCD projectors that may be
free of the problems noted above, please post recommendation to the list.

(btw, we still have 10+ 16mm projectors...)

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