Re: video projector for small-ish exhibition space?

From: gyoungblood (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2006 - 23:31:31 PDT

I host monthly screenings at my house for a group of about ten people. It's
one of the great pleasures in my life -- good food, a couple of hours of
films no one has seen, and rewarding discussions. I've got a screen (4:3 at
the moment but I plan to get 16:9), and very good surround sound , but no
projector yet. I borrow projectors from friends, and they've all been the
presentation type. They use them in their gallery installations. They don't
mind the quality, I do. I don't want ten people huddling around a 60-inch
RP. Narrow viewing angle actually would be OK for this room, since it's
about twice as deep as it is wide (22 x 13), but it's all I've got unless I
spend $$$ retrofitting a large living room with undesirable acoustics (sound
is everything). I want a 100-inch screen for the groups. When I eventually
mount a projector on the ceiling, I think there will be a six- to eight-foot
throw. I can darken the room completely, but I don't do this sort of thing
in the daytime anyway. I have several TVs for watching broadcast. I don't
need 100 inches for Free Speech TV. I would use a projector only for
non-broadcast purposes. Lamps are too expensive to waste on television. On
the other hand, I love being by myself in front of a big movie image. A
60-inch RP would be fine for me alone, but if I've got a big screen for
groups I don't need the other. Maybe an RP would work for ten people in a
room this narrow (13 feet), but I don't think so. They would be spread out
six feet on either side of screen-center. I intend to buy a projector next
summer. Tech and $$ will be different then. I posted my query to get a sense
of where things are at today, and I've learned a lot from the discussion.

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> Quoting gyoungblood <email suppressed>:
>> How much consideration should one give at this time to things like HD
>> and/or HD capable projectors (I don't know the difference), and the
>> various new input standards, considering that HD TV and DVDs are
>> imminent? I don't want to pay $5K for a projector that will be obsolete
>> or inadequate in a couple of years. I'm talking about a home setup, not
>> for galleries etc. I believe Re-Voir is planning to release an HD DVD of
>> Kenneth Anger. That's something I'd want to project accordingly.
> gyoungblood, it just hit me that you are asking about a home setup. Are
> you sure you want a projector? Are you going to be able to cut out most of
> the ambient light, like by using dark shades in the daytime? If not, you'd
> probably be better off with a rear projection HDTV. They look pretty good
> with some ambient light, but no direct light on the screen. You should be
> able to get a very nice set in that ballpark, with a 61" or bigger screen,
> if you shop well. I'd be looking at the new Samsung 1080p DLP sets with
> LED bulbs, but there are plenty of other options. Plasma is more, but IMO,
> plasma has problems, and is over-priced for what you get. As you have
> seen, opinions on DLP vary, but check it, and others, out for yourself.
> Good rear projection sets don't have that TV look of the old CRTs, at all.
> That's interesting about the Kenneth Anger release. I'm leaning toward
> Blu-Ray, over HDDVD, but it will be a few years before I buy either.
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