Re: video projector for small-ish exhibition space?

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2006 - 19:53:48 PDT

Quoting gyoungblood <email suppressed>:

> How much consideration should one give at this time to things like HD
> and/or HD capable projectors (I don't know the difference), and the
> various new input standards, considering that HD TV and DVDs are
> imminent? I don't want to pay $5K for a projector that will be
> obsolete or inadequate in a couple of years. I'm talking about a home
> setup, not for galleries etc. I believe Re-Voir is planning to
> release an HD DVD of Kenneth Anger. That's something I'd want to
> project accordingly.

gyoungblood, it just hit me that you are asking about a home setup. Are
you sure you want a projector? Are you going to be able to cut out most
of the ambient light, like by using dark shades in the daytime? If not,
you'd probably be better off with a rear projection HDTV. They look
pretty good with some ambient light, but no direct light on the screen.
You should be able to get a very nice set in that ballpark, with a 61"
or bigger screen, if you shop well. I'd be looking at the new Samsung
1080p DLP sets with LED bulbs, but there are plenty of other options.
Plasma is more, but IMO, plasma has problems, and is over-priced for
what you get. As you have seen, opinions on DLP vary, but check it, and
others, out for yourself. Good rear projection sets don't have that TV
look of the old CRTs, at all. That's interesting about the Kenneth
Anger release. I'm leaning toward Blu-Ray, over HDDVD, but it will be a
few years before I buy either.

Ken B.

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