Re: video projector for small-ish exhibition space?

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2006 - 07:59:06 PDT

> I don't want to pay $5K for a projector that will be obsolete or
> inadequate in a couple of years.

Any digital electronics purchase you make will likely be obsolete in
a couple of years (if not months ;-)

>>> I love DLP, much prefer it to LCD. I have a RP HD DLP monitor,
>>> with a
>>> high speed color wheel, don't move my head much while watching, and
>>> rarely see the rainbow effect.

Yes, but it's different when it's a monitor; my experience with one
chip DLP projectors is I can see the rainbows with abrupt eye movement.
But maybe it's different with the high speed wheel - have you tried
to see it darting your eyes ? I'm curious.

(It seems to bother me more than some other people).


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