Re: labels

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 29 2006 - 16:23:35 PDT

On Jun 29, 2006, at 6:04 PM, john porter wrote:

> What do Mitsu's common sense and Michael's productive
> mentality say is the commonly-used word referring
> exclusively to that medium which is always viewed by
> passing light through a strip of clear acetate (not
> celluloid)?

I'm actually sympathetic to your view. I do think photochemistry -
used in a motion image medium - should have some unique identifiers -
but the word "film" has become generic so fast I'm not sure there's
any battle that can be won in the popular sense.

Those who use the medium seriously know, but..

And as I hope I'm pointing out, the hybrid uses (which I think are
healthy and vital, and yes I guess I'm biased), film, digital
imaging are either going to blur categories or create the need for a
whole bunch of hyphenated-words or both.

Invent them now, or we're stuck with what we get !


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